About us

Commuro Digital is a London-based communication and content company with expertise in the mining sector.

We work with clients in the mining sector – companies, analysts, media professionals and other – to craft messaging and stories.

We also track the mining sector closely and ‘mine’ the headlines – looking at trends, stories, personalities and others. Our content is well-crafted, told in a in multimedia format and made for readers who want to do a deep dive into the headlines.

This blog is curated by Rahul Joglekar, a media professional with many years of experience in the media and a keen interest in the mining sector. He along with other collaborators wants to shed light on those who are making mining better through exploration, technology and good work with the community.

Rahul Joglekar cares deeply about making mining better.

Let’s make mining better. Please send us your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

If you’d like to partner with us email us at rj@melantra.co.uk.

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