Planeloads of supplies to combat COVID-19 are flying into Brazil from China, thanks to Vale

Vale is sending planes to China to bring supplies like surgical masks, vests, goggles, test kits and other equipment back to Brazil. As the seventh plane landed at the airport in an operation that’s lasted days, Vale stressed that this isn’t over just yet. All of the materials that are being flown in will be donated to the Brazilian government in its fight against the virus.

Another day in the fight against COVID-19 and yet another plane flew into Guarulhos International Airport. This brings the total number of planes that have made similar journeys to seven.

The cargo consisted of of two million surgical masks and 410 thousand protective vests — all of which will be donated to the Brazilian government to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Vale has donated 15.2 million of the 15.8 million personal protective equipment (PPE) flown in from such flights, to the Ministry of Health. This is in addition to the 3.5 million of the total 5 million rapid test kits that the company plans to donate to the government. 

The total weight of the cargo that has been brought in is 241 tonnes, equivalent to the average weight of approximately 300 cars. The materials were distributed in 20,055 boxes.


The operation isn’t over just yet. Vale plans to fetch more than 600 tonnes of equipment from China over the next few weeks, to help combat Coronavirus in Brazil. To bring all that’s needed a total of 15 planes will be deployed.

PPE and test kits will be delivered to healthcare centres in regions across the country, wherever Vale operates. 

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